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Academic Studies

The journey begins in our Nursery and Pre-K classes with the children learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter.

In the elementary years (grades 1 to 5), the children have English subjects for a full morning or afternoon. Hebrew occupies the remainder of the day leaving time for specials such as Music, Art, Drama, Computer and Gym. In our Middle School (grades 6 to 8) students engage in a rigorous core curriculum consisting of Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Hebrew. Regents are offered in Biology, Earth Science, Math and Hebrew.

About Our School

The East Midwood Hebrew Day School, Rabbi Harry Halpern Educational Center, instills in its students knowledge and respect for their religious and cultural heritage, as well as a thorough understanding of the world in which they live. The school strives to develop a sense of self-worth linked to an ethical code practiced by Jews for thousands of years.

Our secular education prepares our students with the full range of skills they will need to face the realities of today’s knowledge-based and digitally-wired world.


Jewish Studies

East Midwood Hebrew Day School offers a full range of Hebrew Language and Judaic Studies classes to all its students. Students daven every day. Older students participate in the reading of the Torah on Monday and Thursday mornings. Ashkenazi and Sephardic minyans are held.

Students receive four periods of Judaic and Hebraic instruction including Chumash, Navi and Shoftim. Appreciation and knowledge of Jewish history and the State of Israel are very important priorities.

School Divisions

2014-2015 School Year

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