Primary School (K-5)

Academic Programs

In the elementary years (grades K to 5), students attend school from 8:00 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. The children have English subjects for a full morning or afternoon. Hebrew occupies the remainder of the day less time for specials subjects such as Gym, Music, Art, and Computer. All classrooms have classroom libraries and students are encouraged to borrow books from them. Grades one and two continue working with the Waterford program in their classroom.

Judaic Studies

Our First Graders/Kitah Aleph receive their formal introduction to Hebrew language and prayer through the internationally acclaimed Tal Am program. The program joyfully and very successfully integrates music, dance, and song into the learning process. As the year progresses, and the members of Kitah Aleph become more adept with their knowledge of Hebrew, they begin to anticipate the always delightful Siddur Presentation Ceremony.

Second Grade/Kitah Bet move ahead with the study of Hebrew and Judaic Studies. One of the highlights of the year is a special Havdalah ceremony and program held at the school on Saturday night for parents and family. This delightful program is the culmination of the students’ learning about the Creation of the World and Shabbat.

Our Bible curriculum begins in the Third Grade/Kitah Gimmel. During the course of the year our third graders begin to learn about one of the greatest of all Biblical commentators, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki, better known as Rashi. Students are introduced to the special “Rashi script” that they will utilize throughout the balance of their lifelong study of Jewish texts.

Fourth Graders/Kitah Dalet begin utilizing their chumashim and concentrate on the second half of the Book of Genesis, Sefer Bereshit. They begin to study the prophets, starting with the book of Joshua. Fifth Grade/Kitah Hei students concentrate on the second book of the Torah, Exodus, Sefer Sh’mot. They learn about the judges from the book of Shoftim.

Throughout the years, the study of Hebrew continues in each grade, working on the foundation created in Kitah Alef. Students learn all seven of the different binyanim, and are introduced sequentially to avar, hoveh, atid – past, present and future tenses. They learn Hebrew literature, stories, and poems.

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